Detox & Prevention Guide

Treating Exposure to Aluminum Toxins, Heavy Metals, EMF Radiation, and Other Health Risks

First, Read This Disclaimer and Cautions: provides general information that's not meant to diagnose, prescribe for or treat any medical condition. Aluminum oxide and any other harmful substance mentioned on this website may or may not be present in your body or your environment, and only laboratory testing can determine the level of toxicity, if any, that exists. Acute toxic poisoning (i.e. cases involving excessive intake over a short time period) is not addressed in this guide.

Please click on the citation links in the articles to learn more about a topic, supplement or food. 

Before making changes to your diet or using supplements, you should speak with your physician or other trusted health care practitioner. If you have any medical or health issues, are taking prescription medicine, think you might be pregnant, are a nursing mother, or if you believe you have symptoms of metal contamination or toxicity, you should consult with a physician before using any remedies or following any plan suggested in this guide.

Do not undertake fasting with a detox unless your health provider specifically prescribes it. In most cases, staying both nourished and hydrated are essential to detoxification. 

While all the foods, herbs and supplements listed here are regulated by the FDA, taking too high a dose or too much over time can be extremely harmful to your health. Depending on their place of collection or manufacture, some supplements can themselves be toxic. Only use trusted brands and stay abreast of product recalls.

In addition, not every recommended food or supplement is right for every body.  Some people have food sensitivities, allergic reactions  and/or medical conditions that contra-indicate the use of  a remedy or food.  You should discontinue using a supplement or food if you feel pain or discomfort, and if necessary, contact your health provider and/or seek emergency medical assistance.

Always consult multiple sources before experimenting with a supplement or remedy you're not familiar with.  Be sure to follow the directions provided with the product, including info about contra-indications, side effects or conflicts with other substances you may be taking.

If you think any information in this Detox and Prevention guide is unclear, inaccurate or misleading, please contact the website editor at chemtrails @ thecityedition dot . com so the material can be reviewed and revised as needed.

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