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October 15, 2015 -- Stratospheric aerosol engineering has been touted by geoengineers  as a means to reduce global warming and mitigate its various impacts.  These include dangerous methane releases in the Arctic, evaporating polar ice caps and the declining salinity of the seas. Such dire developments may hugely alter weather patterns and continental climates for generations to come.  Consequently, the strategy dubbed "chemtrails" by weather warfare critics is bettern known in academic circles as Solar Radiation Management (SRM). Universities like Carnegie Mellon, Harvard and Stanford, along with The Royal Society in the U.K., promote their joint endeavor as an achievable solution to climate instability.  By dispersing aerosols around the planet indefinitely, the theory goes, global temperatures will cool as more and more sunlight gets reflected back into space.

But where does such an audacious scheme come from? In a 2008 study published by The Royal Society, its research team explains, "The concept of ‘geoengineering’ has been considered at least as far back as the 1830s with J. P. Espy's suggestion of lighting huge fires that would stimulate convective updrafts and change rain intensity and frequency of occurrence." Evidently, from that hair-raising speculation a science was born.

William Thomas reported in Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare (2001) that father of the H-Bomb Dr. Edward Teller publicly introduced the chemtrail concept at the “22nd International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies” held in Sicily. (He also wrote a commentary for the Wall Street Journal.) Dr. Teller said it was possible to create a manmade sunscreen (PDF) around the earth to counter the effects of global warming.  And the job could be done at a fraction of what it would cost to implement programs to reduce fossil fuel emissions. With the Cold War over, journalist Thomas elaborated, the U.S. Air Force had 700 big refueling tankers that could be modified to carry the aerosol formula in place of jet fuel. Moreover, the patents for the new technology, which included the use of aluminum and other metal oxides, had been filed years earlier.

This depiction of aerosol spraying (aka chemtrails) identifies sulfate particles as the agent that would be dispersed from aircraft. However, Prof. Keith told fellow scientists at a 2010 convention that aluminum oxide is a far better choice. Graphic: Funnel, INC.

Following the logic of stratospheric aerosol engineering, nearly all forms of air pollution, whether unintentional or deliberate, contribute to the cooling of the planet and should be encouraged from here on out. In fact, such pollution has already been tied to the phenomenon of “global dimming”. University professors like Harvard's David Keith, meanwhile, define (PDF) geoengineering as "the intentional large-scale manipulation of the global environment" with "the primary intention of reducing undesired climatic change caused by human influences."

Naturally, there is some question about whether injecting toxic particulates into the atmosphere year after year is an appropriate or even effective way to curb those pesky human influences. USDA retiree Rosalind Peterson, who founded California Skywatch in 2002 to track the sprayings, told a United Nations panel in 2007 that the geoengineered haze was inhibiting photosynthesis, without which plants cannot grow and produce food. The aerosols have also spawned a breeding ground for toxic mold and other types of fungus, she said, with the power to inflict both fauna and flora with an array of crippling, often lethal diseases. Peterson currently directs the Agricultural Defense Coalition in Northern California, which educates the public on this subject.

Other critics go further in bashing the chemtrail operation. They suspect the goal of reducing global warming is little more than a bedtime story masking a more nefarious agenda afoot After all, it’s easier to secure the acquiescence of public officials worldwide (not to mention the pilots who conduct the missions) if you portray your toxic aerosol campaign as a heroic, blockbuster attempt to save the human race from mass extinction.

In a 2014 article posted on the website of Geoengineering Watch, activist Dane Wigington summed up the situation like this: "Though groups of scientists like the 'Arctic Methane Emergency Group' (AMEG) are calling for 'emergency wartime scale geoengineering to avert planetary catastrophe', available data indicates that the very geoengineering programs they are selling as a cure are more likely a major causal factor in triggering the methane catastrophe in the first place."

Other side effects of the spray campaign, like aluminum oxide poisoning of water and soil, mega-wildfires throughout the western United States and elsewhere, the exponential rise of weather-related disasters, and the ionospheric burning of large holes in the ozone layer aren't very reassuring, either. In fact, since chemtrails first arrived on the scene (allegedly), the situation has deteriorated plenty if you take into account:

Compared to other modern-day scurges, the spike in Alzheimer's cases since 2000 is sobering, to say the least. Graphic: Alzheimer's Association.

G. Edward Griffin, who helped produce two documentary films on chemtrails, What in The World Are They Spraying? and Why in The World Are They Spraying?, says that by following the money, his investigators identified some of the actual beneficiaries of solar radiation management. These include: 

Significantly, whenever drought, flooding and other weather-related calamities occur, hundreds of millions of dollars can be made on the stock market through a process known as “hedging”. According to Michael Agne, a trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange interviewed in Why in The World Are They Spraying?. “You're betting there's going to be a weather disaster within a particular time-frame, at a particular location, and when it does happen there's going to be a big pay-off.”  That’s because disasters impact the volatility index and drive up the price of commodities, utilities, transportation and other service industries. Agne says that the energy firm Enron traded the first weather derivative back in 1997, the year before the spraying began.

At the other end of these stock transactions are the non-GMO farmers who repeatedly lose their crops to extreme weather, fungal infections and/or metal oxide contamination.  This has led many to file for bankruptcy and/or sell their farms in recent years. Anti-GMO activist and ex-family farmer Barbara Peterson refers to this paradoxical situation as an example of disaster capitalism.  She cites Monsanto’s solution to the farmers’ plight – to buy the company’s all-weather and aluminum oxide resistant seed lines – as the smoking gun behind chemtrails.

Approved by the USDA in 2001, “Terminator” seeds produce sterile seeds in plants, forcing farmers to buy a new batch each season.  (Because of the current controversy surrounding them, they are not widely used yet, so Monsanto relies on its patents and contract provisions to prevent farmers planting using non-sterile seeds they collect during harvests.) While the cost of GMO seeds is formidable, Peterson explains, the plants that sprout are capable of surviving the full gamut of  “abiotic stresses” drought, flooding, frost and even aluminum oxide poisoning.  Such seeds may also give the farmer a shorter growing season, thus the chance for a second planting if the first crop succumbs to bad weather.

Graphic appearing with an article about Monsanto in the journal Nature in 2013. The story describes a lawsuit brought by the agribusiness against a small Indiana farmer that ended up at The Supreme Court. (Spoiler alert: The supremes sided with Monsanto.)

Interviewed in Why in The World Are They Spraying?, activist Peterson (who's not related to Rosalind Peterson) says most farmers who refuse to use Monsanto’s GMO seeds can't compete in the extreme weather conditions that have become a constant.  (The EPA's future forecast says to expect more of the same, citing greenhouse gases as the reason.) Preying on their misery, investment groups have gobbled up the acreage when it’s eventually put up for sale by its bankrupted owners.  Among the buyers, Peterson notes, is  billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros.  And his isn’t the only firm cashing in, according to Bloomberg.com.

While the eulogy for organic and non-GMO seeds is no doubt being written as we speak, the reverberations of an apparent agribusiness takeover don't end there. In fact, one might lie awake deep into the night pondering the possible nutritional modifications Monsanto and its rivals (if there are any left) have in store for the American dinner table. Unlike vaccinations, parents can't simply say no when it comes to feeding their children. Neither can they relocate outside this country's borders to escape the potential fallout. The Wall Street farm grab is a global phenomenon.

In 2011, for example, Soros bought Adecoagro, which operates more than three dozen massive farms in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. According to Peterson, Bill Gates is another player in the GMO scheme, now that he's invested in Monsanto. The company has been actively marketing its seed products in Africa, where  Gates operates a charitable foundation.  (To date, the nonprofit Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa has promised not to use GMO seeds.) Gates is also connected to geoengineering guru David Keith, who has managed the Fund for Innovative Energy and Climate Research, an entity established and funded by the Microsoft founder.

Are Biowarfare Agents Adrift in Chemtrails?

In his article, William Thomas speculated that weaponized pathogens might also be included in the chemtrail cocktail. He had earlier written a book, Bringing the War Home (1998), which documented the plight of over 100,ooo Gulf War veterans stricken with mysterious degenerative ailments. In many cases, the illnesses were transmitted to family members. Eventually, a biowarfare agent known as mycoplasma fermentans turned up under the microscope of Professor Garth Nicolson, whose own stepdaughter was among the soldiers affected. Thomas began to wonder if the epidemics of equally strange illnesses that coincided with chemtrail sprayings might be traced to the same mycoplasma strain.

Prof. Nicolson has since stated, "Most viruses that would be useful as bioterror agents quickly cause unique signs and symptoms that would allow isolation of the victims and thus prevent further spread of the disease. Many of the bacterial or viral incapacitating agents, however, slowly produce illnesses that would not be noticeable until some time later, and during this period they could be slowly and unknowingly spread to others. Official denial helps this process and allows further penetration into the population. For example, the widespread official denial of biological exposures during the Gulf War, I believe, helped spread chronic infections, such as Mycoplasma fermentans, that we and others after us found in a rather large subset (~40%) of Gulf War Illness patients. The continuing denial by the medical organizations that would be expected to respond to such outbreaks is not comforting." (A presentation on this topic is available on the Watch Videos page.)

To date, no clinical evidence or soil/water testing has shown chemtrails to be packing biowarefare agents. The vast majority of medical facilities and practices around the United States, of course, don't even test for these pathogens. Their small stature about a tenth the size of normal bacteria make them easy to miss by laboratory technicians trained to look for something else.

Predicting Geoengineered Weather

So what happens when a weather modified disaster strikes the morning after a meterologist on the evening news forecasts a sunny day?  We may never know, since  this industry has itself undergone significant modification in the last several years. As in the case of farmland, financial firms have suddenly developed a yen for weather forecasting, assuming control of the various network and online outlets in the Unites States and beyond. In 2011, for example, the Rothschild banking family bought a majority stake in Weather Central, the Wisconsin-based distributor of interactive weather services.  The purchase no doubt piqued the interest of conspiracy theorists, as the Rothschilds feature prominently in Jim Marrs’ 1995 conspiracy primer Rule By Secrecy.

Within a year, the U.K. based Weather Service International, or WSI, acquired Weather Central. WSI is itself a subsidiary, owned  by an Orwellian sounding entity called The Weather Company.  TWC’s most famous division is The Weather Channel,  but it has also acquired the online services Weather Underground and Intellicast.  And who owns TWC?  That would be Comcast’s NBC Universal, The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital.

In August, this latter consortium announced that it intended to sell the company.  The news was followed by Google's announcement of a new partnership with TWC to provide online storm tracking.  It’s expected that any independent weather forecast services still operating will soon fall by the wayside now that the mother of all search engines is throwing in with Big Brother.

Finally, in October the National Weather Service Employees Organization (NWSEO) and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) jointly. filed a complaint against a series of gag orders now in place to keep workers from talking about what goes on at their public agency. NWS is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), an agency which receiveds its own marching orders from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. Significantly, the weather forecasting media receives all its data from NWS. According to PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch, “Everyone is free to talk about the weather except for the people working inside the National Weather Service. Go figure.”

Really, with so much circumstantial evidence of a deliberate, manmade ecological calamity unfolding before our eyes, it seems odd that our country’s top environmental organizations have yet to utter a peep of dismay about chemtrails.  Two multi-million dollar nonprofits, the California-based Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council (which has endorsed geoengineering) remain idle bystanders as their state slowly transforms from wilderness wonderland into a pile of toxic waste and ash. The Environmental Defense Fund also supports what it describes to its donors as "small-scale outdoor SRM research."

As for the U.K. based Greenpeace, in a blog published 5/13/15, a representative stated, “As far as we are concerned, chemtrails are an urban myth – a conspiracy theory with no conspiracy...”

And therein lies the crux of this 21st century pickle.

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