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If you're concerned about aluminum and other toxins saturating the landscape today, offers a place to learn how to protect yourself from harm. Find out about the health risks of metals and other toxins, food and water contamination, prevention strategies and detoxification. Be sure to read the disclaimer on the detox intro page before following any tips or suggestions outlined in this guide. 

Two investigative articles explore jet aerosol sprayings (aka "Chemtrails"), weather modification, aluminum toxicity biowarfare agents, and the science of geoengineering.

The photos you see on this website were taken in Northern California (Sacramento County) between August and October, 2015.

If you have any questions about chemtrails, please contact one of the groups listed on the Advocacy page, or follow the links in the articles.  For detox questions, use the links under each topic in the detox guide itself. Comments, corrections and broken links should be sent to chemtrail -- at -  Your feedback is appreciated.

Chemtrail Safety is sponsored by The City Edition, which also maintains the the Mega-Disaster Planner and The Solar Planner. Please "Like" Chemtrail Safety to receive occasional updates and alerts.

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